Tummy Tuck Alternative – Aqualipo

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    • Local Anesthetic
    • Out Patient Procedure
    • Minimal downtime, return to work immediately
    • Most people are candidates
    • Less scarring (4mm incisions)
    • Less Risk of infections
    • Minimally Invasive
    • No Scarring
    • No Stitches
    • Minimizes swelling
    • Low risk of medical complications
    • Minimizes bleeding and bruises
    • Minimizes damage to surrounding tissue
    • Fat removed gently with water jet

    Traditional Lipo

    • General Anesthetic
    • Requires hospital admission
    • Weeks of recovery before returning to work
    • More exclusions
    • Larger Scar that requires wound care
    • More risks of infection
    • Invasive
    • Scarring often occurs
    • Stitches usually required
    • Significant swelling can occur
    • Higher Risk of complications
    • Bleeding, often with significant bruising
    • Strike Injuries and septal detachment often occurs
    • Aggressive suctioning to purge fat
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