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Vitamin C


Vitamin C can be useful in fighting off common cold and flu. We all know that, but did you know that Linus Pauling, the gentleman that found out that Vitamin C is used in the treatment of scurvy, said, multivitamins don’t work. Those who need them can’t afford them and those who can afford them don’t need them. We at Dr. Kats know, that not only do you need to take the right supplements, but you need to take the right amount of the right supplement. That is why every single one of our supplements has the right amount of the right thing.



  • Intake can be very useful in the fighting off common colds and can be very helpful in treating its symptoms.
  • Used in the treatment of scurvy
  • Rich in antioxidants, which keeps blood pressure in check and prevents hypertension.
  • Has cancer-fighting properties
  • Helps keep the body younger internally and externally and delay the appearance of aging signs.
  • Promotes good heart health
  • Prevents the storage of cholesterol and fat in the body.
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Keeps the body safe from seasonal and food allergies.
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