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  • Thyro Stim

    “Thyrostim helped me with my Thyroid problem. I used to feel tired and moody all the time and I’m happy with my weight loss. Thyrostim also helped me with my eczema and acne problem.” – Pearl Khumalo

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  • Carb Stop

    Dr. Kats has 2 types of chromium, carb stop, and carb stop plus. The carb stop is GTF chromium, while the carb stop plus is Chromium Polynicotinate. Both are great for lowering blood sugar and increasing the bodies response to insulin, however, the main difference between carb stop and carb stop plus is yeast. GTF Chromium which is carb stop promotes better absorption than any other form of chromium because it’s high in brewers yeast. The difference between carb stop and carb stop plus is the absorption. GTF chromium, which is carb stop plus, has much higher absorption but it also high in brewers yeast so those people who are prone to yeast infection, like thrush and candida should be taking carb stop plus.

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  • Diuregen

    With bladderwrack, clivers and Artichoke, Dr. Kats Diuregen, is a natural detox agent. It is great for people who have high blood pressure. It flushes out unwanted fluid from the body and combats bloating it also aids in water retention so you lose weight quicker. Dr. Kats Diuregen is a potent diuretic.

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  • Fat Attack Pack

    Pack consists of: Fat Attack Fat Melter Fat Burner FDA approved. Made in a SANAS approved lab.

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  • Sweater

    Look cool in your branded Dr. Kat’s lightweight hoodie.

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  • Mini Bottle

    Keep hydrated for a long period during your exercise session with this branded Dr. Kat’s BPA free 300ml water bottle.

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  • Tote Bag

    The most versatile bag is the tote bag. Get your eco-friendly branded Dr. Kat’s tote bag now and shop for your low-calorie snacks with pride because you are a proud loser.

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  • Drawstring Bag

    Look super cool with your very own Dr. Kat’s drawstring bag. Ideal for that calorie burning workout or even to carry your low-calorie snacks.

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