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Inch Buster


The main ingredients in Dr. Kats inch buster are conjugated linoleic acid, CLA is found mostly in Full Cream Milk, however, in today’s modern times most of the animals are grain fed as appose to grass fed. The concentration of conjugated linoleic acid or CLA in grass-fed animals much higher than the concentration of CLA in grain fed animals .we need CLA to convert the bodies existing fat into muscle if you not getting it from naturally occurring resources take Dr. Kats inch buster it’s very high in conjugated linoleic acid.



  • Promotes Weight loss.
  • Promotes good heart health.
  • Breaks down fats in the body.
  • Reduce body fat and improve lean body mass.
  • Helps maintain leaner fat cells.
  • Reduce good cholesterol levels.
  • Improves metabolic health and lowers risk of many diseases Including Type 2 diabetes and cancer.

FDA approved.
Made in a SANAS approved lab.

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