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Centimetre Loss

Centimetre Loss

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  • Detox With Dr. Kat

    Detox with Dr. Kat this November

    For only R1000 you get :
    1  Fat Attack
    7 Designer Protein Shakes
    4 Week Diet plan
    7 days with Dr. Kat
    Why weight? Order Now!!!
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  • Carb Blocker

    The active ingredients in our Carb Blocker is white kidney bean, the white kidney bean is known to stabilize blood sugar levels and if your sugar levels are stable throughout the day, you don’t get peaks of insulin and insulin is the hormone which actually is responsible for laying down fat, fewer insulin surges means less fat on your tummy

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  • Fat Attack

    Green Coffee Bean Extract 45% Chlorogenic Acid, a natural fat-loss aid. Natural Hypoglycaemic which promotes balanced blood sugar in Diabetic as well as in individuals with PCOS. Reduces Triglycerides and Cholesterol levels, Contains 90 Capsules

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  • Inch Buster

    The main ingredients in Dr. Kats inch buster are conjugated linoleic acid, CLA is found mostly in Full Cream Milk, however, in today’s modern times most of the animals are grain fed as appose to grass fed. The concentration of conjugated linoleic acid or CLA in grass-fed animals much higher than the concentration of CLA in grain fed animals .we need CLA to convert the bodies existing fat into muscle if you not getting it from naturally occurring resources take Dr. Kats inch buster it’s very high in conjugated linoleic acid.

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  • Sale!

    New Me November Box

    This November it’s all about YOU. Don’t wait for Christmas to gift yourself. You are important. Put yourself first. This Box includes: Diet Plan 30 Shakes Fat Attack Fat Burner Fat Melter

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  • Custom Box

    We can make you a personalised box based on your specific needs. Options to choose from: Breastfeeding Box Vegetarian Box Hypertention Box Cholestrol Box Insulin Resistance Box If what you need is not listed click “help me choose” and one of our consultants will make you a personalised box. HELP ME CHOOSE

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