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I have often been asked what is the perfect diet so I decided to do so e research to find out.

What I found out was rather interesting indeed. A study was done by the British on a large group of individuals who were following many different diets. The diets included Weigh Less, Atkins, Sure Slim, Weight Watchers and various others. The participants were monitored for over a year. During
the first week on the diet, one group lost the most weight but as the weeks progressed the results averaged out. All the groups had very similar average weight loss. Also, people dropped out from ALL groups at an alarming rate as well. What they found out that was most interesting was that after a year there we’re very few people (around 5%) who had maintained their lost weight
regardless of what plan they followed.

These people were interviewed to see if there was anything in common that they shared. There was one thing ….
Regardless of which plan they followed, all the people who maintained their lost weight found someone else, like a mentor, who had followed the same eating plan and lost weight.

That’s key in finding the right diet is to find someone who knows and understands what it’s like to be overweight. Someone who understands falling of the wagon and getting back on track from personal experience. Someone who understands craving for chocolate cake or for a burger.
Someone who understands you.

Allah Ta’ala in His infinite mercy has created us all as individuals. We are all different. We all look different and feel differently.
If we are not the same – how can we all follow the same diet ?
There is no one size fits all diet.

After having lost over 30kg myself, I understand this all too well. That’s why we at Dr Kat’s have a different eating plan depending on your shape and personality. We do a Body Type Analysis for
you and based on this we prescribe an eating plan.

Basically – women have 4 different body types. A O T and P types. That’s Adrenal, Ovarian, Thyroid and Pituitary Types. Men have 3 body types – all except Ovarian. We believe that people are overweight because they over stimulate one of these endocrine glands resulting in an imbalance in the body which causes excessive laying down of fat.

T types have bigger hips, O Types like hot spicy food, A types are very patient – you can find out your body type right now – logging on to www.drkats.co.za and take the free Body Type Analysis.

How does it help you to know what’s your body type?

Its so that you know what foods are good for your body and what are not. Then… you can feel better and look better because you will have a happy, healthy body.

Just as there are foods that are specific to your body type, so too are there supplements that you need specifically for you. Chromium is essential for T Types to help them to curb carbohydrate cravings and stabilise blood sugar. A type people tend to retain a lot of water and need a natural diuretic like Diuregen or Hi Cider.

Once you understand that you are different and try and find out what foods are good for your body you are well on your way to finding YOUR perfect diet.

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