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I’m Dr. Naseeba Kathrada

I am a qualified general practitioner. I run the weight loss program. I qualified at the University of Natal Medical School. Having had a weight problem myself, I am very passionate about nutrition, healthy eating and above all WEIGHT LOSS.

I was never a “thin”person at any stage in my life (until now that is!). When I had my second child I weighed a whopping 87kg after her birth. Even though I breastfed for a whole year (I was one of the unlucky ones), I did not lose ANY weight.

When I stumbled across a photograph of myself – I nearly DIED!! – Seriously! I’m too embarrassed to put that picture onto the website -but I will show it to you when you come to my rooms at the WEIGHT MANAGEMENT CENTRE.

Since then I have dedicated my time to learn more about losing weight and trying to find the PERFECT weight loss program. I am constantly updating the program, getting new supplements and new machines to enhance weight loss. At the same time, I am adamant about LIFESTYLE CHANGE as opposed to STARVATION.

This is NOT a Starvation Diet. I strongly believe that the Perfect Weight Loss program is one that offers Quick but Safe Weight Loss combined with Easy Lifestyle Changes to help you Maintain the Weight LOST.

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