Lose up to 10Kg’s in 30 days.

Dr Kat’s Revolutionary diet in a box, is a tailor made weight loss plan & box of supplements, to assist people of a certain body type lose up to 10Kg’s in just 30 days. To find out your body type click here.

Dr Kat's Original Diet In A Box

Tried & tested, guaranteed results.

Lose up to 10KG’s in a month.

Formulated by a qualified medical doctor

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“Dr Kat’s changed My Life”

Jane Linley Thomas


On 28 August I sluggishly arrived at Dr Kats’ wellness centre with the grand idea of having the aqualipo procedure. With a history of yo-yo dieting and two pregnancies back to back (one being a twin pregnancy) I was trapped in a cycle of tight clothes, self-loathing and binge eating. What a viscous cycle.

My life changed the day I met Dr Kat. After a heart to heart I understood that only once I had lost at least half of my desired weight-loss, would we start chatting about aqualipo.

I started with an online body analysis to find out what my body loved and hated, followed by a hardcore detox, which saw me drop 4kgs in a week; this is when my hard work and dedication was put into motion. Every day since I have written down everything that passed my lips, packed my clean meals the night before and signed up to the local gym where I put in an hour of cardio a day. I have run around the block in the rain and gone to Spur for a kid’s birthday and watched folk eat while I sipped on a decaf coffee.

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